Open to everyone, every day.
7516 Meade Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

It’s election time!  There are seven open board of director seats. The top 3 vote getters will fill the full term three year open seats. The remaining candidates will fill the two year and one year vacancies. Members may vote for up to 7 candidates for the Board of Directors.
How to cast your vote
  • Click on the "Vote - Board Seats” tab on the main menu.   
  • You will be required to log in to vote. Once you are logged in you can vote.
  • Your login is your Member Number. You can find your Member Number on the back of your Member Card. Remove the leading 4 and zeros as well as the last digit.  Example: 4 00000 16989 7 = 16989

  • Your password is your last name + your 5-digit zip code. Names are all lowercase with no hyphens, spaces, or special characters. Examples: Joe Smith, Jr. = smith12345, Jane O’Rochester = orochester12345, John Weaver-Cooperator = weavercooperator12345
  • If you have any questions about your member number you can email customer service to request your number.
  • Once you log in, you will be prompted to provide an email address.
  • After submitting your email address, you will receive a voting notification email with a link directly to the ballot. The link is good for 24 hours, after that, you'll need to login again.
  • You may select up to 5 candidates; please be sure not to select more than 5.
How do I find my member number?
Your member number is located on the back of your member card. If you have a blue or green plastic card, skip the first two digits at the beginning of your card and the very last number on your card.
My password isn’t working. What should I do?
The zip code associated with your login is the one we have on file in our member database. It is likely the zip code you provided when you became a member. If you moved and did not update your member information, you may want to try logging in again with your old zip code. We encourage you to update your member information the next time you are in the store.
How do I update my Member Information?
Visit Customer Service the next time you are in the store.
What if I don't want to provide an email address?
Email addresses provide a secondary unique identifier for each member account, and help us to verify that a real, distinct person has submitted the online ballot. If you do not want to provide an email, stop by Customer Service. They will look up your membership in the database and print you a ballot with your name and member number already printed on it.
I’m still having trouble logging in. Am I still able to vote?
Yes! Members can vote in person at the Customer Service desk.
  • The primary member should present a photo ID at Customer Service.
  • Customer service will look up your membership in the database and print you a ballot with your name and member number already printed on it.
  • Place your ballot in the box located at the customer service desk.
Some important things to remember:
  • We can only accept one ballot per membership number.
  • If a household has a membership, only one vote is allowed from that household. If there are multiple votes from one membership number, ALL will be disqualified.
  • Do not allow anyone else to fill in your ballot or deposit it in the ballot box for you.
  • Proxy voting is not allowed per the East End Food Co-op Bylaws and Policies.
  • Ballots without a complete member number will not be included in the final count.